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    Default I need help with Gas fireplace clearance.

    Hello I am new here, I am trying to get some advice on the clearance I need with a Gas Fireplace.
    We want to put a wood Mantel with 3-4 inch Veneer stone around the Firebox , The Mantel will have a 3 inch return on the inside and we intend to put that stone around the sides and top of the firebox. I am concerned as we have been told that we need a 10 inch clearance from the top of the Firebox, that will make us have to raise up Mantel way too far and will look out of place. I can live with 6-8 inches but 10 will have it way too high. If I put the stone (8-10inches) above the firebox, could I not drop the Mantel down a little?. How can I get around this , and protect everything?. The firebox measures 41wx33h. We have a 14inch hearth . Any help would be so appreciated.

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    Default Re: I need help with Gas fireplace clearance.

    The manufacturer of the gas fired appliance will have the required distances in the installation instructions. If you cannot find the manual you can get it online or call the manufacturer.

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