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    I currently have MAYFAIR Classic sliding door. The sliders are bad and Mayfair no longer makes the rollers. I came across an article on internet that tells what could be done for a makeshift solution. Is there anyone out here that knows if there is a correct part...not using a screw. also part 13997 is the discontinued part and the makeshift solutions calls for part #13103. I've searched and cannot find 13103. Lowes/Home Depot dont carry and I'm beginning to feel like the makeshift is going to be expensive IF it fails. 1. has anyone tried this solution. 2. if you haven't tried...what do you think about putting a screw into a roller assembly that might not hold the weight of the door. The 2nd part of my question is...can I leave 1/2 of the stationary part of the door in place and replace the other sliding side with a french door or does anyone make a replacement half of the door. Seems awfully expensive to replace it all when just the rollers are bad.Thanks, Jeanne Any other solutions are gratefully accepted! Thx

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    If factory parts are not available your best option will be to replace the door. Piece milling parts will just lead to more problems down the road.

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    I don't see why the replacement part would not work. It looks almost identical. Many door manufactures use standardized roller systems.


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