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    Default FEMA inspector for boh parr and pb

    I have been deployed 3 times for parr and what they do not tell you is the first time deployed most loose money, the second loose or brake even and not untill the third do you make any money I have been a bank inspector for 4 years but iti s a lot more work than they lead you to belive Idid just join PB and did meet pb inspectors in New Jerset and belive pbis a better company to work for but no way can you do 10 inspections per day for a long time more like 4 to 5 perday to get them rightgood luck

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    Default Re: FEMA inspector for boh parr and pb

    I have been an inspector for PB. The problem is they bring on board their most experienced inspectors first. They perform the lion's share of the work. They wait for the new inspectors to get I-cores requiring re-inspection so their experienced inspectors can get yours (redo) and theirs to. You look up and they (Experienced folks) are getting paid for your work (re-inspection) as well as their own. You loose pay or get less than the full inspection amount. They STACK the rest of the inspectors to make sure they keep FEMA happy so they can say to them how many inspectors they have available in the field. The seasoned PB inspectors get the gravy, i.e. first crack at the disaster i.e. floods. They bring on new people with no experience load them up with inspections knowing they will get I-Cores (errors on their inspections or requirement to Re-inspection). They will give them to their seasons inspectors to keep them working and making money. You then sit around waiting or they will tell you to drop the inspections you're doing and drive 100 miles away from your current inspections.( If you live in a hotel with a roommate this is expensive. Especially if you have to drive back to your hotel if you assigned a new area 100+ miles away.) Some inspectors would rather get a redo by another inspector than to take the necessary time to service a client. Some inspectors are all about the numbers and not about the people. They have their quota and nobody is going to slow them down. I did enjoy when I was deployed back in 2010. I took the time with my clients. Some are really great people and you feel good when you help them. Others may be just trying to get money with no real damage, i.e. flood. PB complains about being too slow (Not producing Inspections FAST enough) but sometimes, out of courtesy to the victims, you should take a little more time. After all, we do represent the Government and many of our clients have lost everything.

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