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    Just joined this site today and have been checking things out. I hope to tap in to the wealth of information here. Been doing HI's for just over a year now, been slow but has showed signs of improvement. I have been thinking of expanding my services to try to bring in more business. It looks as if I might be hanging out here frequently.

    Later, Joe

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    Hi Joe,
    Pull up a chair.

    It Might have Choked Artie But it ain't gone'a choke Stymie! Our Gang " The Pooch " (1932)
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    Welcome to the board, Joe.

    Don't sit all day and just read this board. Its a great site, but the pay is awful.


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    Rick & Billy thanks for the welcome.

    I have been looking around and reading many threads and actually have started posting. While I would never claim to be an expert in any one field, I have an electrical background. I would imagine there is a wide range of backgrounds brought to this forum.


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