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    Howdy. Looking forward to chatting and learning more about this profession.

    -- Ed

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    Welcome, and expect a beating from some of these old timers checking to see if you are in the TREC roster..

    Richard Flores
    Professional Inspector TREC # 8139

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    Not a licensed professional yet but that is the direction I am heading in. Currently doing the AHIT home study and will attend their class in mid June.

    After being laid off at 55 and attending too many job fairs and work shops where others my age were struggling to find a job I decided it was time to do something different. I didn't want to be tied to a desk again, I do enjoy the Texas heat (call me crazy), and I've always been interested in construction as that paid my way through college. So, with the wife's encouragement I decided to head down this path.

    A lot of work so far and a lot more to come. But once I get my license it will be nothing but big bucks and easy street, right. That's what all the ads say.


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