I'm about to buy a fireplace natural gas insert. The portion of my masonry chimney extending over the roof needs to be repaired first, as repeated freeze and defreeze in winters (brrr..Canada) have damaged a good number of bricks. And these exact brick colors are no longer available.

One solution would be to reconstruct that portion of the chimney extending over the roof but to reduce its hight from 4 feet to 3 feet in order have enough good bricks.

The insert (Valor) will use the so-called direct venting system for intake and exhaust through the chimney. Is there generally a difference in building code requirements as to chimney height when one switches from wood (solid) to natural gas? If not, could a repaired and reduced 3 ft over-the-roof chimney still be acceptable under the codes?

I've seen some references to the 2-3-10 rules on this site. Shall I assume these apply equally whether I'm using an old fashion wood burning fireplace or a modern natural gas insert with direct venting?

Thanks in advance for your comments.


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