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    New to site, Have allready found this very imformative.

    I felt compelled to look over some of the post before jumping in, Having done that, Here goes.
    After completeing a chimney inspection for a customer this afternoon, The homeowner ask if I could do some tuckpointing on the brick on the front of her house and this was what I was shown (eeak !). I'm certainly no engineer but we have some other issue than just deterioration, which is what I treat on a regular basis on chimneys. Any thoughts on this there is also drywall cracking in the interior of the house, My understanding this room was a garage convert, This big bay window was then added, there more to this than I know, does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts that I can share with this homeowner ? I just feel there are some structure problems involved.
    I'll try and add the photos I have taken.


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