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    Default Hello!

    I'm Ben Christianson, the new guy here.

    I'm just starting up a HI franchise in the Springfield and surrounding cities area in Missouri. This encompases Greene County, Missouri.

    I franchised with National Property Inspections, Inc. because IMHO it might get me a leg up on the marketing aspect. In other words, why re-invent the wheel when I can get traction sooner and start a positive cash flow sooner. The more I am learning the more I realize there is o know so I am relying on the knowlege and experience of you'all out there who have experienced the school of hard knocks.

    Here's to hoping for a mutually beneficial friendship.

    Ben Christiansn,
    Springfield, Missouri: Home Inspection and Commercial Building Inspector

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    Default Re: Hello!

    Welcome Ben. Lot of great info here and in the archives.


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