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    Default Hello From Georgia

    Just wanted to say hello. I've been in the home inspection business 23 years but it's never to late to learn. I feel sorry for you guy's just starting out. It's a good business if you stick with it.

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    Default Re: Hello From Georgia

    Good morning Don,


    What's happening in the Peach State?

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    Default Re: Hello From Georgia

    What part of GA are you from, Don?

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    Default Re: Hello From Georgia

    Don welcome to the message board I am sure we could use your many years of wisdom here, again welcome aboard,


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    Default Re: Hello From Georgia

    Welcome Don

    One thing I've learn is not to think that the learning days are over.

    With the ever changing construction techniques and materials used, every home inspector has to be learning of the changes or your going to be left behind.

    Every day is a lesson learn on this board.



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