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    Default Newbie here looking for help with boilers

    I am new to this, covering for the landlord while he's away. We are approaching cooler weather and need to find info on an ACK-O-MATIC Boiler in a 6 unit building. We found the switch to turn on the unit, but do not know how to light or ignite the boiler. This is not anything I have dealt with before, unit looks old, building is about 20 years old. Any advice or information will be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Re: Newbie here looking for help with boilers

    Ack-o-matic is old stuff I believe, 50+ yrs. Is the pilot light on? On most boilers, if the gas and pilot is on just turn up the thermostat. There could be various simple reasons why this may not work.

    Or, better still, pay the $80 and call a local HVAC business and have someone come out and get it up and running. Watch, ask questions and learn. Odds are it is remarkably simple. Maybe the landlord can tell you what to do over the phone?

    If you are near Chicago, it is starting to get chilly at night. Good luck.

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