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    Smile Hello The House!

    I am new to this site, but have been reading for years now. I have been in the inspection business for nearly ten years now. I was lucky to start my business during the start of the boom in the late 90's. I was also lucky to have enough business to train several guys to work for me. So after several years of developing training programs for my company I started helping others. We now have three offices, several employees, a full time graphics person, web designer, our own server for web sites, and my good friend who has decades of sales & marketing experience.
    I am looking forward to helping other inspectors in any way I can with their marketing and management questions. I am now starting to feel comfortable with answering some questions about inspections in the western states. This is only after the 5000 + inspections I have done.
    So I am looking forward to talking to all. By the way, this market is not all bad. There are many opportunities if you know where to look for them!
    Good luck, PS: The title is what my dad used to say before he passed on.

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    Welcome to the board. Sounds as if you have multitude of things you can contribute to this group. Jump in anytime and be a voice and not just a lurker.

    I like the comment from your dad. Great guy I bet.


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    Looking forward to your input. What western state are you in?

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