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    Default Re: Florida commercial insurance inspector here - requesting opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by Kathi VonAllmen View Post
    Hi all....

    I have been a professional field inspector for about 12 years. I am taking a quiz in anticipation of working with a new company. Although the following seem to allow for common sense answers, I would like some other opinions.

    1. Define the term (keyword TERM): An unsatisfactory risk

    2. What is the purpose of discussing recommendations with the insured prior to leaving
    them upon completion of your survey?

    Thank you!

    The term RISK is used to denote the entity or item being insured. It could be a building, a business, a car, a life, etc.
    The term UNSATISFACTORY means not per standard.

    They are both used independently throughout the underwriting/surveying process.
    To use the two words together I would think they are talking about the overall risk.

    There are actually more choices that I normally run into within the overall opinion question. They are Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, and Unsatisfactory with Recommendations. Satisfactory normally means there are no recommendations. Unsatisfactory normally means there are serious recs that will be difficult to comply with. Unsatisfactory with Recommendations means that if the insured complies with the recs, the risk would be Satisfactory. There is also Low, Medium, High, and Above Average, Average... (and all the Satisfactories). Each term basically has the same meaning as other others; but each have meaning.

    Example; If standard is to service a fire extinguisher annually, and this has not been done, at the Fire Extinguisher line, you would respond "Unsatisfactory". On my Fire Extinguisher line, the choices are satisfactory, unsatisfactory, none.

    For me to rate the entire risk as Unsatisfactory, it would normally mean that is has not passed a serious standard, or accumulated multiple lesser recommendations.

    There is also something called a High Risk, and you would send a High Risk Notification (or HRN) to the requestor (call &/or email). Normally 5 recs would generate a HRN (High Risk Notification). The standard I follow is 5 recommendations=HRN, or lesser but more serious recs can result in a HRN. That would be my determiner. To rate the entire risk, I would use this standard.

    Some forms ask for the field reps opinion of the risk, and if you select "Unsatisfactory" or "Above Average", you have to include what your opinion is based on.

    Each company has their own policy regarding discussing the recs with the insured.
    On many forms there may be a question regarding the insured's intention to comply.
    Personally, having experienced both, I like and dislike both ways.

    My shortest answer regarding this would be : To determine the insured's intention to Comply.

    In real life, if you are not sure how to answer a question, contact your manager, mentor or quality control person(s), if they can't help you, you may ultimately have to speak to the requestor.

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