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    Default Update to water meter mystery

    I wanted to follow up to my original post( link above).

    After the city found a water main leak in the yard and repaired it they still insisted that our meter couldn't possibly have registered water that didn't go through it so we must have another leak. Well the meter shop came and replaced our meter and took it in for testing and guess what? It failed al 7 flow tests and measured higher not lower consumption on all of them. They have only seen one other do that in 40 years so they are shocked but I have been validated in my claim.

    Thanks to all of you who responded to my original post and your suggestions as I tried to get this mystery solved. And wishing you all a day without leaks!

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    Default Re: Update to water meter mystery

    Thanks for the update.

    ' correct a wise man and you gain a friend... correct a fool and he'll bloody your nose'.

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