I am a homeowner and a DIY type. I stumbled on this site while trying to verify some things before I pull the trigger on some electrical work that is half a tick (but only half a tick) more involved than what I am 100 percent confident in doing.

I speak legalese fluently, and while I am not familiar with the NEC, good practice within the industry, I am quite qualified to learn such things. This site is a vast wealth of knowledge, and from it I hope to make sound judgement as to whether I should learn a new trick or hire this out. FWIW, if I learn a new trick it will be thoroughly and completely learned first, and then implemented. If I can not make my work a model of how things should be done, then someone with lots more experience than myself will be better qualified to make sure it's done well enough. Unlike most DIYers I do believe highly in minimum standards.

It is not all that common in a professional forum to invite homeowner/DIY questions. That's quite thoughtful and generous on the part of the forum ownership and the membership who choose to participate. Many thanks to all involved for that.