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    Default Spectacular Home Inspection System

    Hello InspectionNews members,

    I'm excited to be a part of the family! My name's Aaron and I'm the owner and architect of the Spectacular Home Inspection System. Much thanks to Brian Hannigan for inviting me to the site. I met Brian at the Casey O'Malley conference in Vegas this past October and figured he must be one of the nicest guys in the industry... Please take a moment to download my app onto your iPad or iPad mini and tell me what you think. We've been in the App Store for a little over a year now, and we're constantly looking for ways to improve the app. All feedback is welcomed. I look forward to chatting with you all in the near future...

    Aaron Johnson

    F.I.R.E. Services

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    Hi Aaron,

    Welcome to InspectionNews.

    It was a pleasure meeting you at our conference and I hope to see you at our COA/InspectionNews conference this April in Orlando or back in Vegas next October.

    I will be in touch about ways to get you more exposure on InspectionNews through advertising.

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    I have been using this software since April of 2013 & just ran across this post. I have been extremely satisfied with this software & Aaron has been great with update & improvements. He has made suggestions become a reality. This software has made life a lot easier & has allowed me to free up at least 2 hours a day when performing 2 inspections a day.

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    Thanks Tim! Make sure you check out the latest update that came out today. It includes even more inspector suggestions that became reality.

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    Default Re: Spectacular Home Inspection System

    Looks alot like the Whisper product I've been using since 2003.

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    Hey Duane... Spectacular was actually inspired by a 90's program call Inspectech 2000. Although very expensive at the time, that system captured an unmatched ease of use design that allowed inspectors to inspect, generate and deliver reports onsite without needing to go back to the office even back then. Veteran inspectors familiar with Inspectech will instantly notice a similarity that we've modernized for today's inspection industry.

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    Default Re: Spectacular Home Inspection System

    I am purchasing a new Air Pad tomorrow and will be checking out the program for sure.


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