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    Default Considering a home inspection career

    Hi all --

    I'm considering a career switch, and home inspection is something that appeals to me. I'm a pretty handy do-it-yourselfer, but I have no formal work experience in any trades related to home building or maintenance.

    My question is this: what's the best way to pursue a home inspection career? How do I get the right/best education, training, experience, etc.?

    Or, is the prevailing opinion going to be "you've got no business getting into home inspection if you don't have prior experience in a related trade?"

    Thanks in advance!

    - Carl

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    Default Re: Considering a home inspection career

    HI Carl, welcome to the forum.
    This topic has been covered over and over again. I suggest you do a search and start reading the previous threads.

    No you do not have to be in the trades to do home inspections. However, its another skill set that does help.
    Doing home inspections is not what it may appear on the surface. Its at times very dirty and you can not be afraid of small dark places or spiders.
    The business side is also a bit different that other professions.

    Read away at the previous threads and you will probably get all of your questions answered.

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    Default Re: Considering a home inspection career

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