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    Good morning and Happy New Year!

    Shortly after Hurricane Katrina roared through Louisiana, I became an insurance adjuster. Having worked property claims for almost 10 years, I was relatively comfortable with my construction knowledge.

    When my wife and I bought our current house, the information shared by the home inspector went in one ear and out the other. I realized I had a deficiency in what I thought I knew. Since I was still handling insurance claims, I decided to attend training for home inspectors to help offset what was missing and be a better adjuster. In addition, the next time we buy a house, I will have a much greater understanding.

    Upon completion of the training and subsequent licensing, my insurance adjusting has improved dramatically, often identifying construction errors, grading issues, as well as pointing out safety concerns. I perform several home inspections a month as a home inspector, and as any good inspector would do, continue to learn.
    I stumbled upon this site and liked what I have seen so decided to join and become better. Though licensed as a professional home inspector, I know there are areas for me to increase my knowledge and I look forward to gleaning as much as possible through the contributions here.
    Clark Covey
    Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster # 1377293
    Insurance Course Provider # 87727
    Professional Home Inspector TREC # 20460
    (972) 849-8549

    Inspection Referral SOC

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    Welcome, Clark.

    Lots of valuable information here in the archived or previous posts, and don't be afraid to jump in. There are many other members here from Texas as well, I know your State has a particular protocol to follow when it comes to Home Inspection.


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