Greetings to the forum members,

I am an architect with a specialty in the technical side of our work, including quality assurance and control in construction. 30 years now in the profession, and lately I have been writing specifications masters by project type and developing quality control tools for architects. I am currently working for a design-build firm keeping construction specifications and standards up to date to meet new code and industry developments. I am primarily experienced in large scale commercial and institutional work. However, apart from wood frame, which I work with infrequently, most of the building envelope and systems issues I see in the forum are shared across all building types.

I like this forum because I visit projects regularly to troubleshoot issues, and as you know, they can be very interesting to decipher on first review. People on the forum are experienced and InspectionNews is like visiting a thousand project sites at a time and gleaning out the lessons learned. I hope I can make a contribution to some of the issues I see here. Thanks for letting me join the conversation! Scott Whitcraft