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    Default New Member. Question: Any problem with heat tracing exterior, insulated PEX piping?

    I am a new member that has a question about PEX piping and temperatures. Can Pex piping (wrapped with insulation and encased) be used in an exterior environment with heat tracing to prevent freezing? Will the heat tracing get too hot for the Pex? And does anyone know how hot the heat tracing usually get up to? We are planning on using Z-Supply's 5" EZE Flex Silver foam 5 layer system for covering an insulating the hot and cold Pex pipes. The maximum temperature of the hot water line may get up to 200 degrees but will usually just be up to 160 degrees.

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    Default Re: New Member. Question: Any problem with heat tracing exterior, insulated PEX pipin

    Heating cable is not to be insulated. It states that right in the instructions.


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