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    My name is Joe Sapyta. I am a DIYer who has a few places ( about 3) where there are some hair line cracks in my brick veneer on the house. They are about 1/64 to 1/32 inch wide and are not stair step. The longest one is about 15 inches (vertical) stating at a mortar joint and going down through the brick and joints below it. This one is below a brick window sill.

    I also have a crack in one corner of my basement (cinder blocked) that runs down for about 14 inches right in the corner , the shifts over about l inches and goes down a block ( about another 7 inches). I would guess this from settling. The house is 44 years old and we have had some disturbance in the last 5 years ( small earth quake tremor that did no damage in our area, and heavy duty trucks carrying large loads of dirt about 50 t0 100 feet from the house to install a sewer system in one case, and leveling of land for a housing project in the other. No damage there but could feel some shaking in house when they passed in front or behind the house. The Stucco covering cinder block in my basement stairwell also has some vertical cracks that are a 64th or smaller. these were there for over 10 years.

    Do I have a problem that needs remediation and who can I get to give me an independent evaluation for a remedy , if needed.

    I live in Lynchburg VA, area code 24502.

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