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    Default Hello from Houston Tx.

    Well i am on my way to being an inspector. Passed my TREC exam. And almost ready to go. Anyone know where i can get some inspector tools? And insurance that i can afford?

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    Smile Re: Hello from Houston Tx.

    Many people start out with Professional equipment. There are other places, but theirs seems to be the most complete. You'll find others. Gas detectors | Thermal Imaging Cameras. ONce you buy something, you'll get catalogues every month or two, than you'll need. Many times you can purchase items directly from the manufacturer, on line. Just google for manufacturer and tool and you can find it at better prices.
    Good Luck in your new endeavor.
    George Haynie

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    Default Re: Hello from Houston Tx.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Schmidt View Post
    ... And insurance that i can afford?
    I'm guessing that TREC is holding your license certificate until you show that you have E&O coverage .

    Check with a local State Farm Agent. They provide coverage through a corporate office. Some local agents are not even aware that State Farm offers such.

    Contact me off-line and I can provide you information to my State Farm Agent. He works in Spring.

    There are several threads on this forum that have discussed E&O and there are many links for good sources of same. My contact is one of many for you to consider.

    BTW - Welcome and get some good experience with some solid ride-a-longs with inspectors who have been in the trenches a bit.

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    Default Re: Hello from Houston Tx.


    Take Nolan up on his offer (he's a tranplant from down your way) much research by he and numerous others has resulted in some of the best rates and policies available in the state.

    Home Inspection Tools, Home Inspector's tools by Home Inspector Essentials say they will meet and beat anyones deal. Find the tool you want and test their pricing. I've had great results with them and Nick Amoroso, their rep, shows up to most of the big seminar events in Texas.

    Most of the vendors offer discounts if you are a member of an association, but that's a whole other topic and a personal/business decision.

    good luck in launching your new career.

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    Default Re: Hello from Houston Tx.

    Thanks for all your information. I would love to go on a couple of home inspection tours, but what i have heard is that a lot of inspectors wont let you tag along unless you pay them some money. I can do lunch.


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    Default Re: Hello from Houston Tx.

    oh, I forgot i did get my license in the mail. I had my paper work done before the sept time frame. I passed the test in october of this year. I thought if you past your test after sept you would have to show proof of insurance to receive a license which is not the case.


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    Default Re: Hello from Houston Tx.

    You can get E&O here for approx. $1000 from Allstate

    Robert Dupuis
    Agency Owner
    1333 McDermott Dr., Suite 200
    Allen, TX 75013
    Ph 214.547.7222
    Fax 214.547.0061

    Good luck.


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