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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Stephen Wilson and I'm a Senior Forensic Consultant with the Xpera Group. With over 36 years of extensive construction management experience in commercial, civil and residential projects, I bring a thorough knowledge of construction with a special emphasis on the Building Envelope. I serves as a Senior Forensic Consultant, Senior Project Manager, Senior Quality Assurance Technical Advisor and Third Party Quality Assurance Inspector, and as a NFSI Certified Walkway Auditor Safety Specialist. As Senior Forensic Consultant, I have over 29 years’ experience as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense in various construction litigation cases involving standard of care, contractual claims, construction defects, personal injury and liability issues, insurance claims, and cost of repair. I have provided services to HOA’s, building owners, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, architects, and insurance companies on both new construction and reconstruction projects.

    I am pleased to be an active member and look forward to interacting with you.

    Contact Info:
    The Xpera Group
    11858 Bernardo Plaza Court, Suite 100
    San Diego, CA 92128
    858-436-7770 Office
    619-843-2819 Cell

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    Hi Stephen Wilson and welcome to InspectionNews!

    I'm Brian Hannigan and I created InspectionNews.

    I hope you find everything you are looking for on this site.

    If I can help you in any way just let me know.

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