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    Default Using a tablet during home inspection

    Good morning to All,

    I am searching for advice on what type of tablet any of you may be using in the field while performing inspections? My reporting software is Windows based. I would prefer one with a 5mp rear facing camera. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Using a tablet during home inspection

    Using Horizon and iPad. The program works with PC or Mac.

    Home Inspection Software | Horizon Report Writing Software

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    Default Re: Using a tablet during home inspection

    Well if your reporting software is Windows based, most mainstream tablets won't work, they are Android or iOS .

    Only a handful of true, windows tablets with cameras.


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    Default Re: Using a tablet during home inspection

    Most of the commercial inspection softwares have an Android version, which allows you to use an Android tablet or even the Samsung Galaxy camera. If your software does not have an android version and you are really stuck with Windows, check Amazon. Samsung and Asus had a few offerings last time I checked. Be careful of tablets that run Windows RT. That OS was a joke and pretty much nothing works on those.

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