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    Default Weep holes

    My neighbor has weep holes that are above his window. The holes are allowing water to come in the house, around the curtains, and you can actually watch the water "run" down the window panes, INSIDE. They are using lots of towels to soak up the water. Any ideas on what the issue is?

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    Default Re: Weep holes

    I agree with Kevin. Sure sounds like a flashing problem, plus whatever else.

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    I agree with Kevin. Sure sounds like a flashing problem, plus whatever else.

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    Default Re: Weep holes

    The owners are weeping so what's the problem?

    But seriously folks, is this a new home? How long has this been going on? Do you know for sure that this is associated with the weep holes?

    While I agree with Kevin and Steven that this is some sort of flashing issue, a little history might help. For instance, on a home I owned years ago, I had water coming out above my kitchen window when the rain was driving out of the west. It turned out that the roof peak vent was not sealed properly and a driving rain pushed a surprising amount of water inside the vaulted ceiling which ran down the vault and out above my window.

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    Default Re: Weep holes

    Just to be clear, the weep holes are not allowing water to enter. Improper installation of the window, the flashings, or the water resistive barrier are causing the problem.

    Also to be clear, are we talking about a brick veneer over frame construction? Age of house?

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    Default Re: Weep holes

    If water (presumably rainwater) is seen running down the window on the inside and requiring towels to mop up, there is a greater issue than just improperly installed or lack of flashing. Even if flashings were properly installed and weep holes functioning correctly, sound like it's still too much water. I would be looking at areas above at roof, eave and guttering as the source of infiltration with blocked weep holes.

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