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    Hello everyone...this is Gary Smith in Okla City. I am a relatively new home inspector with only 3 inspections under my belt, and welcome any suggestions from you guys/gals on how to grow my business. I work a full time job, so I do the inspections either late afternoon or on weekends.


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    Welcome Gary.

    Yukon? Home of the famous Garth Brooks. We met him believe it or not in a Braums (Restaurant / Ice Cream) there once on the way to Little Sahara in Waynoka to ride 4 wheelers. Pretty cool guy. Heck he even had his own personal booth there in the Braums.

    3 inspections huh?

    Your definately a newbie for sure. As far as growing your business, you have to just let everyone you meet or know that your a Home Inspector and would like their business. Don't beat around the bush about it. Give everyone you meet a business card. Ask all your friends to keep you in mind when the subject comes up of someone buying or selling a home.

    Everyone usually knows of someone buying or selling a home. Well used to anyway. With the market headed down the bidet right now, it may be a little tougher to get going, but hang in there. It will come back.

    Don't forget to put some signage on your vehicle. If your working a full-time job, there's a captive crowd for you to practice your selling of yourself upon.

    Best of Luck.

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    Welcome Gary,

    Ricks suggestions are good. As far as signage goes send me a private message and I'll try
    and find my source.(Doing some house keeping on my system using the wifes now.)

    Business cards were a breeze once I started ordering from these folks. Great turn around
    even on free shipping. They are out of KY. I've ordered on a Monday delivered Thursday
    UPS Ground. Re-orders are best by fax with a copy of the card and receipt.



    Added Signage link

    Design Custom Signs Banners and Posters Online

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    Gary -
    welcome the family.
    I too have a day job and I'm really glad at this point. 2008 will be a trying year. It's all a cycle, it will come around again.

    I echo the earlier comments. Also - Once you get in with a realtor ask them to suggest another realtor in their office.


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    Welcome Gary, I too live in Yukon. I think there are more inspectors per capita in this town than anywhere in the world for some reason.

    One thing you should do is to join our local inspectors org. ORCIA Oklahoma Residential, Commercial, Inspectors, Association. We have monthly meetings with continued ed and two seminars per year where you can get all your CEUs each year. You will learn alot and get to know the whos who in the biz around here. I am the membership chairman so send me an email and I will give you all the details.

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