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    Default new here, inspection software?

    just saying hi to the group from texas, anyone have a preference on home inspection software was leaning toward palm tech but kinda pricey for new startup

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    Default Re: new here, inspection software?

    Quote Originally Posted by david blaylock View Post
    just saying hi to the group from texas, anyone have a preference on home inspection software was leaning toward palm tech but kinda pricey for new startup

    All of the systems are pricey and their collection of comments are (IMO) useless. Learning curves are steep and the time required to get your comment library up and running is significant.

    I used 3D for years, but had so much trouble and frustration with every upgrade, I finally gave up on them. Their copy/piracy protection is truly horrible.

    I tried to use HIP, but could not get it to do what I want (software works fine, just my needs are different).

    Am looking at HomeGauge and PalmTech right now, leaning toward HG.

    Search this board for home inspection software and you will get a lot of previous comments, questions and answers. This subject has been answered many times.

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    Default Re: new here, inspection software?

    Hi David!
    I am sure everything seems expensive when you are a start up business.
    There are several Good reporting software companies out there that allow you 30 days to x months of use.
    I, as well as Raymond Wand, the link poster below me, or at least he was when I started, but that could be many minutes ago, ha ha ha, use Horizon reporting software.

    Good luck with your business and happy safe inspecting.

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    Default Re: new here, inspection software?

    HI Pro - paid the onetime fee and I can still use this original version if I delete the new Java, which conflicts with it. This old version allows me to produce a pdf report right on my laptop, no web connection needed. Of course you would be getting the latest version. Support was always excellent.

    HomeGuage - I hear is very good and maybe the best for most people. I like the ability to click and drag pics from a folder into the report. That is faster than other ways, IMO.

    PalmTech - works fine if you have a good WiFi connections or you use the hotspot on your cell phone. What if you are in a bad reception area? Well you can't write the report. The technical support was awful. My PC locked up when their upgrade was installed, no help from them. "The problem is at your end". Frustrating.
    Every once in while they change the login. You can go for weeks without logging in. Then one day you write a report and it will not upload to their website. You have to refresh your log in to prove you are legit. When you refresh, you lose your work, all of it. No help from them and no prior warning.

    Horizon - Beautiful reports, illustrations can be added automatically when you use certain comments. They can set up your bookings so that the client's info is all right there, a few clicks and the report is off to the client's email. Pricey, tho, so many dollars per.

    I'd go with the system that allows you do pay once, not very month another bill.

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    Default Re: new here, inspection software?

    Hi David,

    Where abouts are you from? I'm from Wimberley, TX

    Have you heard of Rugged Data? That might be a good option for you but without knowing you exact needs, it's kind of challenging to make that kind of recommendation.

    Want to set up a time to talk?



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