Just started my HI business recently, business is kinda slow right now, real estate market in my immediate area is slow. Nearby areas are growing and sales prospects are decent in those areas. Just getting people to know that I am in the field now is the biggest thing for me. Been involved in the construction and remodelling end for quite some time & know a ton of realtors from that. Full time job for over 20 years has been Fire Department & know a lot of folks from that work also.
My biggest challenge here is getting people to consider having a Home Inspection done. There are no other inspectors in the immediate area and most realtors here haven't been able to get inspectors to work this are in the past. Realtors have been hesitant to recommend because I'm the only one around and so far I am having some luck, but not nearly as much as I would like.
I look forward to the discussions here & know that I will pick up a lot from the pros here.

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