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    I figured I should start here... I'm trying to break in to the biz as a "career change" (good timing, huh)? I actually live in Tigard, Oregon (suburb of Portland) and have a great team behind me (I'm working with an inspector of 20 years who wants me to become his future partner). I am 3/4 way through my classwork and have been on close to 30 inspections with him. I feel good about my knowledge and ability (and so does he) to the point that he and I do inspections as a team and he truly realizes that I have the "right stuff" and doesn't follow me around like a puppy dog or question my calls (although he still follows up on "my calls", as he should).... but what a terrible time to break in! Even here, in Oregon - where real estate has not hit the bottom, like other areas, it's still gotten bad and I may have to take other work until the market comes back..... I still love inspections and won't give up, but I have to feed my family.... any of you have suggestions as to how I can survive this? Marketing strategies that have helped you, etc..... I really love home inspection work, but am running scared with the market right now. Thanks and hopefully you'll hear more from me in the future!

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    Uh what Scott said on your other post.

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