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    Default New member looking for best path to take in the Inspection World

    Greetings all! I live in Rhode Island. I have Mass. and CT nearby. I'n not afraid of traveling.

    I started out doing HQS inspections for a company who had contracts in the area. I did that for about 3 years. I have also done the mortgage field inspections for about 3 years. I've done Insurance Loss Draft Inspections which has gotten me slightly acquainted with insurance claims. I've recently linked up with a guy who is sending me Insurance Survey jobs. I have another guy who is going to get me started with commercial inspection risk loss surveys. I also have 5 years experience selling homes.

    What are some lucrative paths to take? Should I take a course and do real estate pre-sale inspections? Where is the money at? I'm not afraid of hard work or starting at the bottom. My bills are being paid and I consider myself to be on the young side. I have time to learn.

    Thank you for any advice or sharing what path you've taken.

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    Hello Dee Tutt,

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