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    Default New from Central Ohio - Energy survey question

    I'd like to thank Scott Patterson for pointing me this way. Looks like a nice place to be.

    I've been inspecting for about 3 years and have been working with rehabbers a great deal for rehab estimating and draw inspections.

    here is my question.

    I'm looking for a report that is simple for clients to understand that is used for Energy Surveys.
    If anyone has a sample that they'd like to share I'd appreciate it. I'm doing Energy Surveys addressing energy loss and things that can get a nice ROI - Return on Investment for the Client. I don't believe that most clients will run right out and buy new kitchen appliances just because they have older less effiecient ones. But I'm looking to help them understand if they have leaking windows or window areas, less than adequate insulation or venting, outlets that are not sealed, explain the use of CF bulbs and what they can save.
    But I have seen the Energy Tune up reports and they can confuse some but not all.

    So if you have one or have seen a simple one, I'd sure like to get a copy.

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    Default Re: New from Central Ohio - Energy survey question

    Welcome Rick,

    I bet you might get some help from this site.

    Active Rain is a good site but it is not a site that is devoted to home inspectors. It is more of a marketing site.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN


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