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    Default Electrical outlet next to hose bib - homeowner question

    Home owner looking for code requirements
    12 years ago my deck off the living room was built. A hose bib was installed within 1.5 inches of the electrical outlet. The photo shows the remains after it was dismantled. The electrician who replaced this to 2 feet away from the hose bib was surprised someone would install the hose bib so close.

    The hose bib was to get water from a large storage container under the deck where rain water was collected. The electrical outlet was to turn on the pump to pump the water out of the container and water my plants.

    The electrical outlet rusted out and the electrician said it could be dangerous. I am happy to have it replaced.

    My question is was this originally installed against code in 2005 in California? Photo attached.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Electrical outlet next to hose bib - homeowner question

    I'm not sure if California has any specific amendments to the NEC regarding that (I doubt they di), but there are no spacing / clearance separation requirements between an electrical receptacle and a hose bibb - not side-to-side, not-above-below either.

    That box looks like it is an aluminum weather-resistant electrical box. It should have had a weather-resistant cover on it (which would have a gasket between the cover and the box for a seal).

    Many (most?) electricians I have been behind on inspections don't seem to care if the gasket is correctly installed (or is even there). On the electrician's side, though, I will say that many of the gaskets on the older covers were flimsy and almost too small (still are) and the gaskets took extra care (and time) to install correctly.

    Then there are the covers which have broken and were not replaced by homeowners, too.

    The only 'code' regarding that separation is the 'code of common sense' ... which is all to uncommon.

    Note that the electrician said he was surprised someone would install them so close (common sense), not that they were 'against code' being that close.

    Also note that the receptacle was there first, the hose bibb was added later - any code (if there was one) would be in the electrical code, not the plumbing code - which brings us back to common sense ... on the part of the plumber who installed the hose bibb ... I should say "lack of common sense" on the plumber's part.

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