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    Default Re: Hello from south texas

    Hey Ben... how'z it goin in Cedar Creek?

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    Greetings the the Bay City. Whattaburgers birth place and the best taquitos in Texas

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    Whataburgers birthplace??? Bay city?? You gotta be kidding. It started in Corpus Christi at the corner of Port and Baldwin by Mr. and Mrs Dobson in early 50's. Home office is here on S. Staples St.. Mrs Dobson still resides in a very modest home down the street from me and is friends with my wife. Their son now controls the operation that is a privately held corporation.
    Most of the stores are privately held with the exception of a franchise in the Jacksonville Fl. area that was sold to some Jaguar football players. That is the only non corporate owned locations that I am aware of.

    Maybe you were referring to CC as Bay city. Not. That is about 120 miles up the coast.

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    I flipped a few burgers for Whataburger when I was 16. That was 36 yrs. ago, wow.

    We met Mr. Dobson once at our location back then. You are correct about the home office being in Corpus Christi. Started up in a real small place at 15 cents a burger I believe.

    Still the best burger in the Texas area I believe. I know I've help contribute to their sucess.

    #2 with cheese, mayo, cut the pickles with extra jalapenos is my addiction.



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