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    Default Becoming an inspector

    Hi all-
    I am thinking of becoming a N.Y. State licensed inspector. I am new to the site.

    Thank You,

    Tim Horan

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    Default Re: Becoming an inspector

    Welcome on board. Why are you thinking about becoming an inspector?

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    Default Re: Becoming an inspector

    Good question Kevin....

    Unless you have a startup bankroll of about $10,000 and a passion for the business, don't bother. The mortality rate in this business is about 90% fail in their first year and another 5% fail in the second. Since the market is slow the more established inspectors will be working harder to get the business making it more of a challenge for a newbie to break in.

    If your up for the challenges, jump in


    Rick Bunzel

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    Smile Re: Becoming an inspector

    Another inspectors opinion...
    I started about 12 yrs ago in the business (part time). I had a good paying job so I wasn't dependent on the income from the business. However, I had a passion for homes and home building. So here's what I did in a nut shell.
    1) Took online course training from ITA (took about 6 mos to complete on a part time basis).
    2) Got a DBA and incorporated (S-corp) all at once.
    3) Signed up with NAHI as an associate member
    4) Joined the local Realtor's board
    5) Did my own printing of materials (advertising)
    6) Advertised in the phone book and on-line (almost unheard of back then)
    7) Met with Realtors
    8) waited for jobs to come in (very slow at first)
    9) Kept trying to improve my phone service (finally decided to have my cell phone as my direct line...lost too many customers by letting the office phone go to voicemail)
    10) went full time after about 10yrs of part time
    11) Got a builders license about 5yrs ago
    12) I have taken several classes on mechanicals (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other building trade classes) recently
    13) Also do some 'draw inspections' as a subcontractor (however there's even less money in these types of inspections)
    14) Recently raised my fees (wish I would have done this a long time ago)

    I don't make alot of money but enjoy the aspect of my own business and helping people out (making good purchases).

    Kalamazoo, MI

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    Default Re: Becoming an inspector

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Bunzel View Post
    ---mortality rate in this business is about 90%
    That's with any New Business.

    It Might have Choked Artie But it ain't gone'a choke Stymie! Our Gang " The Pooch " (1932)
    Billy J. Stephens HI Service Memphis TN.


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