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    Default Owner-Builder Jim Cunningham

    Hello, I am Jim Cunningham, a master carpenter for over 40 years in the high-end custom building/remolding industry. I retired in 2015 to complete my dream home I started 46 years ago in the Shenandoah mountains/George Washington National Forest in Rockingham County, VA. I love learning and doing things the right way. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources to hire sub-contractors to do it for me, therefore, when I find myself in need of information on a class B flue installation for the Superior BRT4336TMP-B gas fireplace, I was very happy to find InspectionNews web site forums to provide me with the critical information.
    Thank you for your service and I am glad to be a new member, Jim Cunningham

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    Thanks for posting here and welcome to InspectionNews!

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