Hi all,

My name is Jerry Weaver from Portland Oregon. (Elite Home Inspection Services, Inc) I have visited this site for years (Used to have FREA for E&O- went to multi- inspectors)-- anyway, thanks to all for the interesting and informative info I have picked up from this forum. ( Especially a big thanks to Jerry Peck)
I thought it is time that I pay back and start contributing. I have been an Inspector for 12 years as my sole business, I am on the Home Inspectors Advisory Committee (HIAC) with the Oregon State Construction Contractors Board. We (six from around the state) are an advisory committee that helps to administer the Oregon State Standards of Practice. I am a member of NAHI and Oreia (Oregon Real Estate Inspectors Association-have served as President, etc. )

I will try to contribute usefull info. If any of your states are working through Licensing , etc contact me and I may be able to help you contribute to the process, as we went through the process back in late 90's.

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