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    Default Another new guy

    Hi all, from the west coast....of Canada,
    Sechelt, British Columbia to be more precise. That's a wee bit up the road and a short ferry ride from Vancouver.

    I'm into my second year in this very enjoyable business. Retired after 30 years in the fire service and I needed to do something fulfilling, so here I am and happy to be here!

    Looking forward to sharing / learning with all you gents and ladies.

    Rick Souter

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    Default Re: Another new guy

    Welcome Rick. My favorite neighbor Canada.

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    Default Re: Another new guy

    Ah, another firey turned inspector....Welcome aboard Rick. You should find it quite an experience here.

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    So tell me Rick has Timber West stopped clear cutting on Vancouver Island?

    Vancouver is a neat city, great food and the Canadians are always friendly. Now if I could get my doctors to move up there I just might follow them?

    Jerry McCarthy
    Building Code/ Construction Consultant


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