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    I am located in Austin, TX and recently started AAA Home Inspection Services, LLC. I service the greater Austin area. (AAA Home Inspection Services, LLC, Proudly Serving Central Texas)

    I have concluded a 30 year high tech sales and marketing pressure cooker career in favor of a life long passion. I've also been remodeling and repairing homes for more than 30 years. I found this type of work a great stress relief. I've become a "jack of all trades" over the years and can do just about anything myself. The inspection business just seemed like a natural thing to do.

    I would like to be able to provide added value services like security system inspection or discounted home warranties. Does anyone have relationships with companies like Brink's Home Security? I've been calling 800 numbers but have yet to find the right contacts. Any help, or suggestions for other added value services would be greatly appriciated.

    OREP Insurance

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    Welcome John,

    Stay out of Brinks back pocket is my suggestion. Why be a salesperson for their company? Let them find their own work. You'll have too!

    AAA Home Inspection?

    I do wonder if someone else might have that same name.


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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bernard View Post
    I found this type of work a great stress relief.


    Welcome to this profession.

    Be forewarned, though, this profession is not a "stress relief" endeavor.

    Jerry Peck
    Construction/Litigation/Code Consultant - Retired


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