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    I was hoping that someone out there would be one of the proud owners of a Preston Guide? I guess I really need to order me one. I must say, I rarely have a problem in decoding the manufacturing date from the manufacturers data plate but this Lennox unit could go either way [1984 or 1999] and I too pride myself on a very comprehensive report which must include only the most accurate facts. This 4 ton unit is one of those combination heat pump / air handler systems.

    Anyway, the model number is: CHP26-048-2PA & the serial number is: 8499C24625

    Thank you in advance, hope your having a good spring. Things seem to be picking up here in this part of South Carolina.

    Rick Novicki
    AAA Home Inspections

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    It appears that the unit you have was built in 1999. More recent Lennox products have the date coded where the first 2 digits of the SN are the manufacturing plant and the 2nd two digits are the year it was built. Your unit would appear to have been built in plant # 84, year 1999.

    One this new probably has a "mfd date" printed right on the info tag itself near the corner.

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    Thanks Kevin, I appreciate your quick response.

    Rick Novicki

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    that is correct----84 is the plant--99 the year and the C--is the month---months go A-M minus the I---so march of 1999

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    Correct: Before 1974 the first 2 digiets indicated the year and the next digit the month. Example: 732xxx = February 1973.

    After 1973 the first two digits are the plant, the 3rd and 4th the year, and the 5th is a letter month (I omitted); therefore 8499C24625
    = March of 1999.

    You can download a decoder chart here. It's free.

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