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    Hello and wow what a source of information this sight is. As I was looking for information about sagging lintels, and installing basement glass block windows, I realized I may be able to do this job on the side. I have no construction experience (only NAVY elect.) but it seems I could do this job. (just like everybody else right?) But I sense that there are a lot of people making money out of getting wannabe home inspectors in business. My general question is how much would it cost to get trained and get in business in PA? and What should I watch our for during this process?

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    Wellcome New guy. You should hook up with an inspector in your area and do some ride alongs with him and see if this is what you would like to do. its one of the most rewarding jobs i can think of. We help people better there homes and life. and make it a safe place to live and/or work.

    Ask around some one will give you ride along.



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    Quote Originally Posted by David Monteleone View Post
    --- experience (only NAVY elect.)

    Welcome David,

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    The advice about getting a ride a long is very valuable. Do it, and do it as often as you can. Then maybe find a home inspection organization chapter meeting and go there and talk to as many inspectors as you can.


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