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    Hello guys,

    I am arun pattnaik, a freelance web designer from India. I am very new to home inspections. i hope i'll learn a lot of things here in this forum.

    New home inspection checklists have become a necessity for home buyers around the world. Buyers of new homes are frequently under the mistaken impression the municipality has performed all the necessary and required new home inspections. Simple home inspection checklists sometimes allow new home buyers to find defects they might otherwise miss.

    Most of the time, the new home buyers get to know the reality only after moving into the new home - in the vast majority of cases municipalities only perform the minimal new home inspections they are required to perform. You can have a very useful checklist at New Home Inspection Checklist, Home Inspector Check list New Jersey*home inspection firm providing New Jersey Certified Home Inspections.

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    What residential building construction code is used in your area?

    Jim Luttrall
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