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    Default Georgia Passes Bill for HI License

    Gov Purdue signed a bill last week to create a board for licensing of home inspectors. Have any of you Geogia inspectors read the bill or heard about it? It passed without much info coming out, I was just interested if any of you were asked for any input to the bill.

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    Default Re: Georgia Passes Bill for HI License

    I've read it.

    We've talked about it here and on TIJ (until the licensing vs. anti-licensing commandos hijack the thread, that is)...

    I was not asked for input on the bill directly, though my local state senator asked me a number of questions regarding the terms "registered" and "certified" as pertains to HI's at a chamber get together a couple of years ago when an earlier version of the licensing bill was dead in the water in committee.

    It seems to be a standard HI bill.

    80 hours of training (or grandfathered with a fairly low # of paid inspections), and pass a recognized national test to get the license.

    20 hours of CE per year, I believe...

    In$urance as determined by the board.

    The part I didn't like ('cause I've been to lazy and cheap to take the tests) says that the HI's gotta be certified in a particular code to cite that code in a report. Makes sense. Looks like I have some tests in my future....

    There's no SOP, but the board may create one, I believe....

    The board is made up of four (from memory, I may be wrong) HI's, one builder and one "civilian" (I bet the realtors try to get someone in this spot).


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