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    Default Finally Signing On

    I've been a regular "Reader" on Inspection News for about five years, so I suppose it's time to introduce myself. First, I want to say that I have learned a great deal from all of your posts. It has helped me become a better Inspector. I've been inspecting in Western NC and the upstate SC area for over five years. I took an early retirement from DuPont, where I was involved in manufacturing engineering and management. I stiil do a little of this at a small privately owned manufacturing plant in Central, SC, which is near Clemson. I am presently not a full-time Inspector, since a large part of my time is spent totally renovating our 1930's home in Brevard, NC. So far the worst thing that has happened was a short and intense rain storm that challenged the blue tarp on an open dormer that was under construction. The tarp lost the contest and our living room ceiling and carpet were damaged. Plus not having central heat until December and no insulation until late January. My wife has been a good sport about this whole thing and we have not had to move out for even a day. We are finishing the rest of the project ourselves, which should keep us busy for a while.

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    So after 5 long years of lurking in the shadows you log in on mothers day?

    We better keep an eye on you!

    good to have you john.



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