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    Hello everyone!
    Wanted to introduce myself to you all. I read several posts as a "guest" to this site and, based on what I read, this is where I need to be! LOTS of knowledge floating around on this site that I hope to include in my repertoire in an effort to bring the very best client services as I get started in this business. I have several years in "the trades" that I hope will help in my ongoing education as well. I seek any and all comments from all of you; tips, recommendations, suggestions and so on. I look forward to hearing from you all !!!
    Happy Hunting !
    Bob Stark
    P.S. Thanks Brian !!

    OREP Insurance

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    Welcome aboard.

    This forum is the best place to gain knowledge and support.

    Read all of the posts and ask lots of questions.

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    Thanks Tim ! Happy to be here!

    Speaking of 'lots of questions', let me hear from you guys out there regarding the best in report writing hard/software. I have read a lot of material about what's available, the pros and cons of several of them, and some inspector reviews.
    What are you guys currently using; what do you like and dislike about the gear; ease of use, digital photo download, etc.

    I hear a lot about some software, that not only spell- and grammar-checks, but will alert the inspector about "unfinished business", i.e.: missed items, missing comments and so on. I'm looking for the most cost effective, yet 'automatic' stuff. Electronics that do most the work so as to save time.

    Comments? Suggestions?

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    My suggestion would be for you to attend a large home inspection conference. This allows you to see and play with all of the gadgets.

    ITA/Kaplan has one in VA real soon, and another in Las Vegas in the fall. ASHI has one of the largest in January, it will be in New Orleans. NAHI has one or two as well, sorry I don't know their times or locations.

    Another good one is going to be in the Atlanta area in September. I think it is sponsored by the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    Thanks Scott !! Great idea!! Will do !!


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