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    Default Hi from South Williamsport,PA

    New to this group. Looking forward to 'meeting' the rest of you. I've been doing insurance inspections for 3 years and I'm looking to expand my business. If I can assist any of you in this area, just let me know.

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    Default Re: Hi from South Williamsport,PA

    Hey dave. wellcome. just jump on in. if you see a hole. cover it up, fill it in. put a sign around it. ( HOLE ) L.O.L.

    Say dave i have been look at doing some insurance inspection as an
    Independent Insurance Inspection for Water damage.

    do you have any info on the best way to get a foot in that door.



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    Default Re: Hi from South Williamsport,PA

    Can't help with that specifically but check the SOFI website.
    (Society of Field Inspectors.) Join the yahoo group and you'll receive
    jobs for a variety of inspections from companies all over the country.
    The minimum fee for companies to list on the site is $20 with most paying more. Delinquency contacts are a growing area and the reporting is pretty simple.

    There are merchant verifications and lease inspections that usually pay $35 and have easy reporting functions also. By keeping my area just 1 county, I'm able to schedule a variety of field service calls without sending too much money to OPEC.

    Good luck.



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