Hello all,

Stumbled across this while doing some research, thought I was just up my alley. I am the owner of Trutechtools, we are a supplier of high quality instrumentation to the building science market, HVAC, and inspection.

We do things a bit different than most instrumentation companies.

First, I have 45 years in the HVAC field. So we can help you select the correct instrumentation for your application.

Second, we test every tool we sell, and know how to use it and set them up.

Third, we commission every high involvement instrument that leaves our doors to the correct units and setting so you don't have to. Batteries are installed probes configured. We try to make everything plug and play.

We stock almost everything we sell, 95% of shipments or better are same day.

Finally, Trutech Tools has direct access to manufactures technical specialists. If we cannot tell you we can get you the person who can.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Additionally if we can help with any application questions or measurement questions please feel free to ask as that is our specialization.

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