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    Mark Parlee here

    Michael Thomas made me aware of this site.

    I am in the construction business as a home builder , and exterior renovation specializing in cement board application.
    I do moisture intrusion and construction defect consulting.
    We, in our exterior renovation, come across all kinds of areas that are improperly detailed and letting moisture intrude into the structure without being evident to a visual inspection.
    I do a lot of posting and consulting details on the JLC site.
    I have a question. When I do a report on the exterior of a home I use publisher to put my captioned pictures in then send it off to a PDF printer to get to a nice presentable document that I can print or email.
    This process seems to be a good bit of work and I would like to find some report writing software that might streamline the process.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.
    I do not need all of the dialog boxes but just a template for the report.

    Is this the right place to post these questions as well as my introduction


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    Welcome Mark

    On the main page you will find building envelope

    Since this is your expertise the link above would be a better posting category

    I am sure your info would be found to be very useful. I am sure there will be questions for you as you will see on the posted threads at that link. As far as software that would fit just that area I am not sure I could help you.


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    Thanks Ted
    I am going to copy my introduction over there



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