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    I come from Barrie Ontario Canada mine name of the company is Inspector Gadget which mine grandson came up with the name. I have started the business in Nov. 07 and have not been able to get enough business to live on but I am not giving up. The ones I have done has proven to me this is the business I will do, mine wife is behind me 100%. Talk to you later.

    Don McPherson

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    Hey don wellcome and best to you and yours.

    Don do you have a biz plan in place?

    That can be a big plus in getting you off the ground

    If we can help just post.



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    Howdy Don,

    Welcome to the board. Just by finding this message board, you are destined to be a better inspector.

    Don't forget to search the archives in your free time. Plenty of great information to learn from.

    Best of luck.

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    I have wrote down my plan and I have went to open houses with a coffee in hand for the agents so I can introduce mine self and the company. I have sponsored a hole for a golf day for Sutton one of the biggest in this city for sales. I have had some meets with the owners of the company. It seems very hard to get mine name in the right place at the right time.


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    I came to Texas 4 years ago. When I arrived i new no one and nobody new me from Adam.

    I did not have a lot of choice but to get in front of Realtors and politely push myself on them. There had to be some starting point. You may introduce yourself to some Realtors and they may in fact refer you but you may get nothing from them for weeks or months.

    All the things I do not do now I had to do then. Office to office to office. Start up convos with everyone. Drop brochures off if possible. Drop cards off. Go to open houses. Your name has to get out there some how. Ask to do a 2 minute meet and greet on meeting days, that is how I got my first three home inspections in TX. Buy them disgusting eclairs. Everyone else buys them healthy food. They will love you. First off, tell them in the politest way that you "will" not be working for them and your reports will not be compromised even by by the buyer. This is a must. They will respect you for that and refer you or not refer you at all. You want the ones that respect that.

    As you say "It seems very hard to get mine name in the right place at the right time." It will sooner than later be the right place at the right time. Until you get somewhat heard of it will be tough getting those referrals. ALSO AS SOON AS YOU CAN TRY NOT TO COUNT ON THEM AT ALL.

    Did I say push your website hard.

    I hope you are pushing seriously on your website. No matter how many Realtors you get behind you it may never be enough. They come and go like bad restaurants.

    Did I say to push your website. It will be why you are working steady, period.

    Just some thoughts




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