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    Default 1st time posting, always watching

    Hello to all! I've been a member now for quite some time and an Inspector here in California for over 11 years. I always watch the various threads to learn more, especially from Jerry P. and Jerry M. Thanks guys for all your expertise and wisdom. I just came across this video and thought everyone would be fastinated. I'm always cautious when opening panels but this takes the cake. Hope the link works. Enjoy!

    YouTube - Electric power lineman

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    Default Re: 1st time posting, always watching

    Always watching

    Reminds me of the inspection I did a while ago where every room was monitored.

    Kinda spooky. I only blurt out in spurts. Kind of a hit and run thing. I read all threads and usually just wait to see what everyone else answers.

    Kind of a refresher course on a daily basis.

    Oh yeah. I saw the TV special where those clowns climb on the high tension wires. I have done thousands of things to hurt myself or someone else be the cause for me to be hurt but I just don't think I would get up there


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