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    Hello from Hershey PA home of the world famous Chocolate bar,
    My Name is Curtis Marburger I am a Stone Fabricator and my interest is educating myself on the Radon and Granite issue currently at hand. In looking over this forum this looks like the place to be to find solid answers. I am also a Stone Fabricators Alliance Member (SFA) one of the goals of the SFA is continued education in the Stone Industry and to share with others to further promote the Use of Natural Stone.

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    You will find a few threads on here that will give you a plethora of information and also links to everywhere to inform you. The general consensus (my opinion) is there is very minimal risk. Unless of course you want to sleep on the granite for a few decades, and then I am not sure. There a supposedly particular granites that have higher levels than others from what they say.
    Just as cutting concrete, or anything for that matter I would be using a serious mask.

    Anyway, check out the threads already on here. There is enough info and debate to choke a horse.


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