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    Default New to the world of inspection

    Hello all. I have recently joined the Inspection News board, and am enjoying reading along.

    I have a desire to get into the HI profession. This board looks like a great place to get some information and informed opinions from all areas of the country to help me in making the decision on my area, Folsom, CA and surrounding area.

    Anyway, I look forward to talking with many of you and hope that you aren't too bothered by some of my new guy questions.



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    Default Re: New to the world of inspection

    Welcome kevin! Glad you stopped by here. Its a great place to learn from experienced inspectors.

    I am very new to this profession so I dont have the experience of alot of the folks on here but I am familiar with some of the steps needed to get started. I recently completed my training thru AHIT in june and took the national exam.

    Are you looking at any schools to attened classes now? What is your background? Any construction experience? Certainly not necessary, but helpful.

    I have very little construction experience and actually am coming over to HI from banking so my experience is not related in any way.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted on your progress


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